kanbanbc logo Ganbatte! BC System™ overview


The Ganbatte! BC System™ guides and tracks your preparations
to respond to a significant incident and
continue services under adverse circumstances.

Most of the work in the Ganbatte! BC System™ is performed in just two sections

One: Incident Response

Incident Response
Prepare for the first few hours of an incident.
How will you "get your arms around" what has just happened?
How will you stabilize the situation?
  • Use template teams or create your own
  • Assign individuals as leads
  • Assign individuals to teams
  • Determine who will do what
  • Use a mixture of template and custom tasks
  • Capture contact information

Two: Service Continuity

  • Identify key services
  • Assign individuals as leads
  • Assign individuals to recovery
  • Establish "guiding principles"
  • Determine who will do what
  • Prepare for losses of people, locations, and resources
  • Set measures and KPIs
Prepare to recover / continue your services.
What are the key services your organization provides?
How will you continue them under adverse conditions?
Service Continuity

Comparison Table

  Ganbatte! BC System™ Other Systems
Assign and Track Action Items (limited / mixed)
Assign and Track BIA / SIPOC Completion (limited / mixed)
Assign and Track Reviews / Approvals (limited / mixed)
Assign Homework Pages within System (limited / mixed)
Customizable Terms (limited / mixed)
ICS 100 and 700 Templates
Impact-specific Strategies
Incident Response Teams and Templates
Instant Exercises
Kanban Boards
Quantitative Measures
Real-time Facilitated Exercise Capture
Status Tracking and Reporting (limited / mixed)
Automatic Disaster Notifications
Enterprise Risk Management
External IT System Integrations
Single-User Pricing $7k $15,000 +
Enterprise Pricing $20k $50,000 - $100,000 +

Additional Features


  • See the status of every department
  • Track progress for each step
  • Assign individual pages as "homework"
  • Email .pdf copies for review and approval
  • Align with Agile, Scrum, and kanban approaches


  • Audit, compliance, and regulatory tracking
  • Response checklists and guidance
  • Action items and progress
  • BIA / SIPOC / Guiding Principles
  • Incident Response teams and tasks
  • Service Continuity teams and tasks


  • Follow step-by-step instructions
  • Customize teams and tasks
  • Customize terms and vocabulary
  • Distribute cheatsheets and dashboards

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