kanbanbc logo Ganbatte! BC System™

By and For BC Practitioners

The Ganbatte! BC System™ is the only tool on the market
designed specifically by and for practitioners in the BC industry.

Make the most of limited time and resources.

Make your program meaningful to staff -and- valuable to executives.

Cut out wasteful activities, focus on value, and gain respect for your program.

Who creates business continuity software?

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Designers: BC Practitioners   Programmers, Risk Managers, Salesforce Developers, Sales Managers
Focus Groups: BC Practitioners   Compliance Managers, Insurance Managers, Risk Managers, Standards-Owners, Standards-Trainers
Funding: BC Practitioners   Mega-firms, Stockholders, Venture Capitalists
Target Users: BC Practitioners and BC Support Staff   Auditors, Compliance Managers, Crisis Managers, Emergency Managers, Product Sales Staff, Risk Managers

Use the system designed by those who know

what it's like in the BC trenches, not those who

know how to sell products to insurance and risk managers.

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